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We Offer Interior Door Locks for Middle East Market

Mepull provides a range of door handles and locks in more than 1000 styles, it is suitable for the Middle East market. The door handle backplate and lock body spacing size can be available as much as 50mm, 58, mm, 70mm and 85mm. For door lock cylinder, it has a long size from 45mm up to 120mm. Mepull also does customization with their customer’s brand logo on the product so the business owners could maximize their brand needs.

One can choose between a variety of Mepull interior door handles, from antique finishes to luxurious reflective gold-toned and bronze styles. We also offer custom colors on either the handle or the body of the lock itself to match your brand’s identity.

Full Solutions From Mepull Door Handle Manufacturers

high-security Locks

Clients trust our customizable, competitive door handles, cylinder locks, lock body, rim locks, and smart locks to meet branding needs.

Door Locks Packing

Mepull stays atop innovations ensuring quality products ship safely via meticulous monitoring and industry-leading packaging standards.

Door Locks Solutions

For 15+ years Mepull provided cylinder locks, mortise locks, and door handles for metal, glass, sliding, wooden and interior doors.

Custom Door Lock

Today consumers want stylish finishes like electroplating, spray paints, and matte for our vast selection of door handle sets

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●High Quality Control Door Locks for Middle East Market

Mepull is a company that specializes in manufacturing various kinds of door handles and locks. We have a strict quality control system from raw materials to finished goods, guaranteeing quality and delivery time. Our thick-walled aluminum door handles are made from sturdy material. It can guarantee long-term usage for your open and close. Other materials like zinc alloy door handle, iron steel plate door handle, and brass door locks we also provide.

The very need of the hour is to upgrade your door handle and make it a charming, stylish, and elegant one. With a great range of products, a company can easily gain importance in this competitive market. As a professional manufacturer and supplier, we provide a wide range of high-quality products to fulfill all your requirements.

●Multiple Color Door Lock Chose from Mepull

Mepull’s factories use efficient machineries to make innovative products. Our design team works double just to provide the best style possible. Our door lock surface decorating techniques are also top-notch. These include electroplating, frosting, oxidzing,brushed,PVD and more. One can select from a variety of finishes and colors. Customizations are also offered. Customized logos and packaging​ can also be requested. This allows extra creativity. Furthermore, an individual’s brand voice will be emphasized.

●Custom Your Middle East Door Handle Locks Design

Mepull Door Locks is a company that specializes in producing high-quality decorative door locks. We provide our customers with an outstanding selection of door lock products. Mepull features talented designers who carefully design the company’s products. Products are made in-house and benefit from the latest machinery and advanced technologies, which assure customers that every design is perfected with great precision.

The decorative door locks we offer can be customized to match any type of decor. Whether one is looking for a classic and timeless look or something more modern, Mepull offers the best door lock products that can make any door look amazing.

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