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Wrought Iron Door Plate Handles

As a leading iron handle provider, we manufacture sturdy, wrought iron front door handles available in popular sizes – 50mm, 58mm, 70mm, and 85mm. We also offer matching locksets and deadbolts to complement the handles.

For any wholesale iron handles in alternative styles, sizes, or custom requests, please contact us immediately. We collaborate with clients to create handles that meet your exact specifications.

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Full Solutions From Iron Door Handle Manufacturers

Mepull offers over 10 years of experience in manufacturing wrought iron door handle, in diverse and innovative designs. Our hands-on approach, coupled with our solid workmanship, has gained us entry into markets over the globe.

Iron Plate Door Handle Size

We manufacture a wide variety of iron door handle plates in different sizes, including 50mm,58mm,70mm and 85mm standard iron door handle sizes ,though our most popular is the 85mm model.

Iron Plate Handle Shape

Our iron door handles come in a wide range of contemporary and classic styles. They're available in round, square, and animal shapes, as well as twisted wrought iron.

Iron Door Handle Accessories

We manufacture all of our lock body and cylinder lock for our iron door handle in-workshop, ensuring a proper fit, and satisfying end product to each one of our customers.

Iron Door Plate Handle Style

Elegant or intricate, standard or special, we have the iron door handle plate lock to match any requirement. We offer a wide range of colored and textured handle shape that fits in a variety of different frames, so you can find the right look for your home and your tastes.

Iron Handle Plate Colors

When you select from our wide range of door handles, you will find a variety of door handle styles and finishes. Some of our most popular finishes include polished gold with Titanium Black and Coffee, along with antique bronze. Other common finishes include antique copper, pearl grey and satin nickel.

Supply Iron Door Handle Wholesale for Door Hardware

Mepull is wholesale product supplier of iron door handles and aluminum handles. We’re committed to hard work and continuous innovation, delivering comprehensive hardware and product solutions to customers from all over the world.

We’re selling high-quality wrought iron plate door handles at affordable prices to suit the needs of our clients. Our wrought iron door handles are available in a wide array of custom designs, sizes, and finish options. Our experienced team has a wide range of styles and designs, we’ve got the perfect product to suit your needs.


The combination of a comfortable grip and an attractive appearance can make your front door even more pleasing to the eye. As one of the most important elements in the design of a home


Classic Style Black Iron Door Handle simple Design with the solid iron door handle. The black finish holds up against years of use and abuse, ensuring that it will remain beautiful for generations to come.


Crafted from iron and aluminum, this European-style door handle is rustic and classic with a vintage texture. The aged patina makes it look like you pulled it from a classic house in the countryside of Europe.


The antique look iron door handle makes your home feel more vintage and gives it a nice touch. They are made of solid iron and coated with a yellowish finish. They have a unique pattern, which gives them a real authentic look.

Learn Iron Plate Door Handle Manufacturing

We handle every part of the wrought iron door handle manufacturing process in-house. Our 200 thousand square foot factory is divided into departments that work as follows:

● The raw material for the iron plate, Galvanized Iron Coil wrought using a 300-ton stamping lathe to create the panel shape of the product. 
● The raw material for the door handle is aluminum alloy, which is processed by die-casting machine to make  handle pattern or gentle curve that can completely fit into the user’s hand.
● The iron panel and aluminum alloy handle are sanded, polished to a smooth finish, and then sent to the electroplating/painting/oxidizing workshop for the layer of coloring.
● After each individual component is treated, they’re assembled together to create door handle that’s both beautiful and reliable.
● All fabricated door handles are inspected by the Quality Management Team to ensure that they meet or exceed industry standards
● All approved door handles are sent to the packing house for automated assembly line packaging.

Our production team is structured with clear management guidelines so that we can produce more than 20,000 sets of door handles per day.

Customer-Based Iron Door Handle Design

At Me Pull, we understand the importance of brand identity. And because we do, we offer custom logo print designs based on client preferences to ensure that our creators are fully invested in their roles. Our production team is comprised of skilled and experienced employees who will work with you to perfect your design to ensure that you get a final product that matches your vision.

We offer free samples to clients so that they can evaluate the designs and give me feedback on how to further improve them. After getting their approval, we will produce the iron door handles in bulk for your business. We provide affordable factory prices and have an MOQ of 500 wholesale iron door handles.

Why Choose Mepull Iron Plate Door Handle?

  • Door handle design from concept to commercialization
    Door handle design from concept to commercialization

Product design, packaging, and visual branding are each an important part of the product creation process. But when all three of these come together, they can transform a good product into one that’s exceptional — and that’s what our team is all about. We work with you to create a unique brand identity by effectively communicating your message through a carefully crafted combination of materials and messages.

  • Turnkey decorating & packing
    Turnkey decorating & packing

We work with reliable, experienced suppliers to provide you with well-crafted packaging for your product. Well-designed and attractive packaging goes a long way in attracting new customers. The packaging does not just stop at using the right materials for shipping, Packaging also is easy to carry and store, and also maintains the quality of the product inside without causing damage.

  • Streamlined supply chain for door accessories
    Streamlined supply chain for door accessories

Customers demand that we consistently make excellent products, and production delays can be costly. our flexible production system cuts out unnecessary middlemen and logistics costs. We also use our own facilities to manufacture lock bodies and cylinder locks, cutting down on time spent in transit, as well as manufacturing inefficiencies that come from outsourcing key parts of the production process.

  • Warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions
    Warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions

We maintain an internal inventory to ensure that our customers don’t have to wait for their goods and the fastest delivery possible. We have a wide range of items — from the most basic iron door handles to the aluminum door handles. And while minimum order quantities are 500 pairs, we provide free samples before finalizing bulk orders,We strive for the fastest shipping at the most affordable cost.

Iron Door Handle Bulk Supplier

As one of China’s leading iron door handles manufacturers and suppliers, Mepull offers a wide range of vintage iron door handles for sale. With competitive prices, customers will like the quality of these iron door handles. Mepull’s iron door handle for sale will make your products stand out from the competition. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Wrought Iron Door Handle in China

As a professional manufacturer of Aluminum furniture hardware, Mepull is dedicated to helping businesses and organizations find the best products at the best price. Our factory uses the latest technologies to manufacture iron door plate handle that can help prolong the shelf-life of your products.We employ skilled designers who can create the ideal iron door handle for your brand. Here are the following reasons why you should choose Mepull’s iron plate door handle:

#1 Made From iron with aluminum Materials

The plate is made of iron, so it’s durable and has high tensile strength. The handle is cast out of aluminum, which gives the product a sturdier grasp. By using both materials together, we cut down on shipping costs and unit prices.

#2 Iron Door Handle Shape and Finish

The wrought iron door handle can unlock a world of possibilities for your home décor. You can choose from a variety of designs, textures, and styles that appeal to your own personal tastes. They’re available in several different finishes, like brushed or bright chrome, satin nickel, or oil rubbed bronze to match the overall feel of your house.

#3 Mepull the capacity of production

In order to supply customers with wrought iron door handles, we have designed a special manufacturing process. Our company will produce 20,000 pairs every day.

#4 Mepull Production Process

Mepull wrought iron door handle production process is advantageous in many aspects. The advantage is to process the iron material at the right temperature and under the right conditions, strike a balance between quality and cost of production.With the development of technology, we have introduced wrought and welding technologies to replace the traditional forging. This method reduces energy consumption and boosts production efficiency.

Buy Iron Door Plate Handle in Bulk

With more than 10 years of experience, you can trust Mepull to provide you with high-quality iron doors for your home, business or office. Our extensive knowledge of the market enables us to create elegant designs that adhere to international standards and will last the test of time. Whether it’s a black iron door handle or an antique iron plate handle, we have the perfect fit for your doors. We also have 50mm, 58mm, 70mm, and 85mm iron handles in different shapes — slotted, square, and round.

Our durable iron door handles are ideal for bulk production in automated manufacturing lines. They also come with specialized twist lock body and cylinder lock to complement the door handle’s design. When your customers are comparing products, quality and appeal often play a role. Give them a first impression worth noticing with premium door handles from Mepull. Featuring durable construction, premium finishes, and a variety of designs, these handles help you make a lasting impression on potential customers in all of your marketing materials. Buy iron door handles in bulk from Mepull and let us help you increase your sales.

●Custom Your Logo Print on Iron Door Handle Design

Our vintage iron door handles are among our best-selling products. These door handles are highly popular for their quality craftsmanship, timeless style and quality iron materials. Our wholesale solid iron door handles come in many shapes, sizes, and forms, With a range of styles, including farmhouse classic and modern designs, Whether you want to recognize a classic design or go for something more modern, we offer a wide range of styles to suit your needs. In addition to a typical, classic option, you can now do a newer take on some classic designs to create your own iron door handle form that will boost your brand identity. Custom your brand’s logo on this door handle plate will show your branding to the market and build brand loyalty and consistency.

●Why Iron Handles are the Perfect Material for Door Handles

When choosing the handle for a front door, interior door, internal door or kitchen door you should consider what material makes up the best handles. While there are numerous options, iron, zinc alloy and aluminum are among the most widely used. All three metals have strong construction and lasting performance, but iron is often considered to be the most affordable and cost-effective option, and has the strongest construction and lasting performance.

●We Offer Lock Body and Cylinder Lock for Iron Door Handle

Our lock bodies and cylinder locks are made in our own factories, We want to make sure your lock bodies and cylinder locks are a perfect match with iron door handles, We have multiple options in our lock body and cylinder collection so that you can find a perfect match for your current lock cylinders, you can choose from different styles, sizes, and finishes.

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