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Hidden Kitchen Closet Handles CA1504


The space-saving Hidden Kitchen Cabinet Handle Lshape is ideal for kitchens, large or small. I wanted nicer cabinets in my small kitchen. This handle allows me to open the cabinet door a little wider, and i can achieve more storage space. It’s easy to install, just screw it on and you’re good to go!

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This L-shaped handle is designed to blend in with cabinet doors perfectly, making it easy to install without a lot of effort. Manufactured from sturdy Aluminum profile, the handle is just as easy to use — whether you’re opening or closing the door.


Brand MePull
Product Name Hidden Aluminum Cabinet Handle
Size 96mm,128mm,160mm,192mm,256mm,320mm,400mm-1000mm
Color Black, Gold
Material Aluminum
Shape L Shape
Supply Ability 200000Pcs/Month
Package Carton Pack
Scene Wardrobe, Kitchen

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The specifications of the Door Locks are listed below-


You can choose the most suitable spacing 50mm,58mm,70mm,85mm according to your requirements.


Whether you’re looking for a classic round or square shape, or something more unique door handle we’ve got you covered.


We produce door handles and locks. You can, however, customize it with any finish and color you like.


Entirely relying on your opted designs and preferences we are sure to give your interior room the perfect look.

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