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Nickel Doorset Replacing Euro Cylinder Lock Low Price 5506


●Mepull Locks to different countries to suit your needs and budget.
●Affordable and high-quality sturdy cylinders that are durable, resistant to weather, and long lasting.
●Scratch-resistant paint with a brushed finish to prevent rust, corrosion and fading.
●Each cylindrical key has a unique shape and pattern to help prevent its duplication from being made by anyone else but you.
●Can be used with mortice lock body, so you can adapt your security according to the specific needs of the area.

Please note that we have a MOQ for our Cylinder Lock. For the cylinder lock in stock, the MOQ is 100 pcs. 
For customized cylinder lock, please see the MOQ as followed:
●Each Color/Size of 500 Pairs

Mepull assists you throughout the project: Cylinder Lock Housing, Pin Tumbles, Plug, C-Clip and Key Material Choose, Custom Weight, and Finish, and Length. Contact us or mark your requirements on enquiry quote.

Order single or thousands of items at a time. Our warehouse and flexible shipping are available for last-minute, tight-deadline orders.

●Free Sample

●Free Returns

*Customization is always available, please mark down your need in cart or just contact us.

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This lock offers the perfect balance between security and style. High-quality materials make it a durable, long-lasting option. Manufactured with superior materials and craftsmanship of high quality that does not tarnish, rust, or corrode. This cylinder lock has a range of dimensions that is compatible with the majority of doors.


Brand MePull
Product Name Single Cylinder Deadbolt Lock
Size 45mm,55mm,70mm,90mm,110mm,Customized
Color Brushed Black Pearl, Customized
Lock Cylinder Housing Material Aluminum, Customized
Lock Cylinder Pin Material Zinc Alloy, Customized
Plug Material Aluminum, Customized
Key Material Iron, Brass, Customized
Key Type Ul050 Key, Computer Key, Customized

Need Companion?

Find corresponding Lock Body and door handle, all in various shapes and sizes.

Ordering Multiple Pallets?

Cylinder locks are manufactured in bulk, meaning you will get the best products at wholesale prices. Our MOQ is applicable in a lock shop setting, which gives you an advantage over other shops.

Also, we value our customers: You get to choose the items and customize them as they desire, with material, color, size and keys being optional.

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Work with a company that puts its clients in mind during the manufacturing of door locks, such as Mepull. When it comes to locks and cylinders, our goal is to ensure that only the best quality parts leave our facility. We use exceptional tools and technologies to achieve the highest standards of production. As a result, you can trust us with your cylinder manufacturing needs, as we are able to provide products that are always secure and dependable.

Our dedication to producing the best quality products has allowed us to become the number one lock cylinder manufacturing company of its kind. We’ve spent years perfecting our product and we’re proud that it’s leading the industry.

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