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Mepull R&D's superpowers are our pulse on long-term trends and our ability to identify the next big thing.

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Our R&D Division collaborates with designers and door lock manufacturers to produce innovative and seamless door handles, mortise lock bodies, cylinder locks, smart locks and other accessories. By tapping into the latest trends in technology and manufacturing, we are able to offer clients in the furniture hardware industry with products that reflect the current tastes of their consumers while keeping them on trend.

We have the best of both worlds: top-quality manufacturing with our own products and insights from designers. By working so closely together, we can make our products both customized and up-to-date.

Our Competences

Expertise cover all parts of the development cycle

In-depth industry & market report

We are experts in the door locks industry, with over 10 years of experience in door handles and locks manufacturing. Our team has ample knowledge and skills to successfully conduct a promotion study in the client's target market, providing suggestions on door locks procurement and other business required by our clients.

Design & development

At the heart of our design team lies an appreciation for the beautiful door handles. Our goal is to create furnishings with purpose, and locks that feel as good as it functions with a balance of style and practicality. We're continuously innovating to push the boundaries of what can be done with door lock hardware, and we're driven by a desire to build products that have an impact on our world.

Our R&D Goals:

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