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Case Study: Aluminum door handle for Middle East Brand

It’s more important to get more done in less time than to spend more time.


With decades of history under its belt, the Morocco-based importer has strategically placed itself at the forefront of door lock wholesale. Due to the rapid growth of market demand, after identifying long delivery times as a major issue with Middle East Morocco’s previous suppliers, the company turned to Mepull when it needed a new source for supply-chain management and cost competitiveness.


We worked with them to produce aluminum door handles that fit their brand’s aesthetic and design needs, and we keep a streamlined production process. The goal of the project is that we can reduce the production time by 25% in order to shorten the preparation time required in the early stage, and secondly, how to reduce the loss caused by the production process.


With multiple production lines and pre-designed moldings, our team shorten the lead time and shipped the products intact and on time. The refined door handle surface treat and the high-quality lock body met no damage in any way during the automated carton process.

How We Did It

We make all the door handles and accessories ourselves, and this allows us to maintain high quality, reduce production time and make the product at a lower price, so we can ensure that our products meet the highest quality level. By manufacturing in-house we are able to reduce production time, improve quality and keep costs competitive. We take a lot of pride in the quality of our products.

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