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Zinc Alloy Lever Door Handle and Locks Wholesale

Zinc Alloy Lever Door Handle is popular for its beautiful design, and many of our customers have chosen zinc alloy lever door handle for their beautiful carvings and details. Zinc alloy lever door handles offer a rustic appeal to any home, accentuating the natural feel of any interior space.
You can choose from an array of our predesigns, or you can customize your own. There are different handle styles available to suit any home, from modern looks to rustic designs. Choose the shape and texture that suits your market best.
Our zinc alloy door handles have varying colors, textures and finishes. Whether you’re looking for a textured look or a shiny metallic finish, there’s something here for you!
We’re proud of our Product process and we want you to be, too! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Door Hardware Manufacturers

Mepull is a designer and manufacturer of door lock hardware that innovates, inspires, and provides design solutions to customers.

Zinc Alloy Lever Handle Sizes

Your zinc alloy lever door handles are available in 50mm, 58mm, and 85mm sizes, or in custom sizes. The labels can be customized to show your brand, product or company name.

Zinc Alloy lever door handle Colors

We offer many different color options, so you can fully show off your product!such as gold, chrome, bronze, coffee,satin nickel, and black. Custom colors are also available.

Zinc Alloy Lever Handle Style

Make your customers feel special with the unparalleled design of your products! We offer European, modern, retro, minimalist and any other type of handles that you could possibly imagine.

Zinc Alloy Lever Handle shapes

For door locks production, zinc alloy is a great choice for its excellent casting performance, which makes it perfect for a wider range of shapes. complex shapes can be achieved with ease.

Zinc Alloy lever door handle scenes

Zinc alloy handles work in any situation, Our zinc alloy handles are sturdy and charming, perfect for bedrooms, offices, hotels, villas, and more. They can be applied to any scenario you can imagine — the possibilities are endless!

Zinc Alloy Lever Handle suit door

Our Zamak handles an edge over other materials such as aluminum alloy and stainless steel in terms of precision and smoothness of the surface. It can fit door thickness of 34mm-45mm, with more different accessories for you to choose from.

Supply Zinc Alloy Lever Door Handle Wholesale

We’re committed to providing you with the latest styles and trends in door hardware. With a wide selection of designs available, We have also invested in a trends lab to ensure we continue to offer you new and improved handle shapes and styles.
We have been in the door lock industry for over 10 decades and have a vast understanding of door hardware. we’re sure you’ll find the perfect handle for your next project.
Our zinc alloy door handles are available in many different styles including:


Made with the style and durability to last a lifetime, Chose classic style zinc alloy door handles that have been finished with a powder coat — they’re built to last while remaining stylish and modern.


The Best Modern Design Zinc Alloy Door Handle:  the door handle has a high quality surface finish, smooth and comfortable touch feeling,  bright and beautiful production appearance.


The clean lines and timeless elegance of the Zinc Alloy is never out of place and work both for traditional and contemporary houses. Your customers will love how easy it is to use and install.


The retro style zinc alloy door handle is designed to complement the modern craftsman aesthetic of your home. Not only will it make your home look more attractive, it will also add increased durability and a sleek feel.

Learn zinc alloy lever door handle Manufacturing

At Mepull , we’re committed to manufacturing security hardware products, and our factory is one of the most advanced in the region. All of our products are made of top-quality materials that are sourced from close, reliable suppliers (most straight from the source). Our production lines are equipped with the latest in machinery, keeping us up to date with all of the newest technology in the industry.
Our manufacturing process begins with the processing of raw materials that create molten liquid zinc alloy — when poured into a die casting machine Die cast into shape, it is then sand polished on the surface. Then electroplated or painted for the final color treatment process.

Customer-based Zinc Alloy Lever Door Handle

We perform all door handle manufacturing processes in-house and our team of staff is well-versed in each step. Our specialized in-house manufacturing allows us to customize your door lever handle with any color or shape you need. We take great care with every detail.
We assign a dedicated project manager, who will be in charge of your door handle. They will communicate with you during the entire process to ensure everything is according to your specifications. Once you are happy with all of the design elements, we send you a free, 3D-printed prototype for your approval.

Why choose Mepull Interior Door Locks?

Door lock design from concept to commercialization

Mepull have a team of product design experts that help brands with their visual branding and product design. Our expert team will create the perfect design for your product, while also matching your market’s needs. With the power to work with no limitations, we can match your brand to your customers’ wants in order to create an outstanding final product.

Turnkey decorating & packing

We work with reliable, experienced suppliers to provide you with well-crafted packaging for your product. Well-designed and attractive packaging goes a long way in attracting new customers. The packaging does not just stop at using the right materials for shipping, Packaging also is easy to carry and store, and also maintains the quality of the product inside without causing damage.

Streamlined supply chain for door accessories

We lessen the traditionally-long manufacturing supply chain by creating most components in-house. Such as Door lock body and cylinder lock created and assembled to avoid missing parts or quantities not matching. It also lessens the manufacturing time and overall cost by cutting down on transportation time across multiple warehouses.

Warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions

We provide assistance in inventory management through the use of our order system and delivery options. The minimum order requirement for products is 500 set, and products are delivered on time to ensure orders are fulfilled. We also manage the internal inventory to make sure we have available stock of common products for faster delivery.

Zinc Alloy Lever Door Handle Suppliers in China

As one of China’s most experienced wholesale zinc alloy door handle manufacturers and suppliers — Mepull, we strive to create the best zinc alloy door handle for our clients. For any project big or small, we can accommodate any request with our custom door handle service. Our zinc alloy door handles come in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and shapes to satisfy your most extravagant needs. You just need to contact us so we can discuss your options in detail.

Lever Door Handle Manufacturers

Choosing Mepull as your wholesale door lock manufacturer and supplier allows you to reduce operating expenses while enjoying the benefits that our zinc alloy lever door handle can give you. Our ISO-certified factory uses modern technologies and techniques to produce high-quality door handles that can meet the standards of our customers. We’ve been a leading global interior door locks provider for over 12 decades, and we’re known for our quality products, competitive prices, and innovative offerings. Here are the advantages that our zinc alloy lever door handle provides:

#1High quality zinc alloy door handle products

Unique and innovative, this new line of door handle products has set the standard for modern elegance. Each high-quality door handle product is made from an industrial-strength zinc alloy that’s designed to stand up to constant use — practicality and elegance are combined in each product.

#2One-to-one customer pre-selection catalog

We understand the difficulties and time-suck that comes with hunting for a products catalog, with a seemingly endless variety of styles and designs to choose from. At mepull , we make it our mission to help you find the perfect handles for your home. Our catalog is full of handpicked products that match all of your criteria, including your budget and customer needs. It’s a one-time investment to set up, but will save you countless hours in the future.

#3Customizable Packaging Design

Customized door handle Packaging Design includes a variety of decorative styles, materials and additional accessories to make your product packaging more unique. Also our “one-stop-shop” service, we can provide you with all the packaging services you need!

#4Matching lock body and lock cylinder production

We have our own factory, and we can produce both the lock body and cylinder independently. The two parts will be 100% consistent with each other in terms of quality, which helps us maintain the best standards while ensuring top-notch security.

Buy Zinc Alloy Lever Door Handle in Bulk

Mepull is a leading provider of wholesale hardware and door hardware. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality hardware at affordable prices, shipped to your doorstep! Our inventory includes cabinet handles, door handle and door lock body, as well as coat hooks to ensure you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

We have 50mm,58mm,70mm,85mm door handle. Just tell me your size requirements, and I will work with my team to get it done for you in a timely manner. Our products come in a variety of styles and finishes — whether you’re looking for antique bronze, brushed nickel, or even gold, Mepull has you covered.

With over 12 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting zinc alloy door handles, we at MPull export premium products to over 48 countries. Our reputation is built on our dedication to perfection – so you can be assured that your order will be executed to our exacting standards.

●Why zinc alloy is the perfect material for door handles?

Zinc alloy door handle’s material properties are more durable and reliable than those of aluminum and stainless steel. The metal is also malleable, meaning that It can be made in various shapes to meet different demands, provide a wide range of types, Zinc alloy has the advantages of beautiful appearance and high strength,and create a smooth surface with high quality.

●Boost your brand with zinc alloy lever door handle design

Zinc alloy lever handles can be customized with a variety of designs to suit any fashion-forward brand or showcase an aesthetic that tracks with a specific aesthetic. The Zamak door handle design is refined and stylish, ideal for the modern home. It comes with an array of finishes to complement different door color schemes — from brushed nickel to polished brass. And its hand-forged construction makes it durable and reliable for years of everyday use. The popular door handle trends​ are studied by our in-house research and development team.

●We offer lock body, cylinder lock for lever door handle

The lock body and cylinder lock for zamak lever handle is already made in our factory. We manufacture the product here ensuring that all components are created from the best materials. This is particularly important because it allows us to control the quality of products and make sure that every part is perfect.
We use only the finest metals to ensure that you and your customers receive products that last. We offer classic cylinder lock designs and rectangular-shaped lock body to match your preferred lever. Customized colors are available as well.

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