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Zinc Alloy Backplate Door Handle Supplier

Mepull manufactures and supplies wholesale zinc alloy door handle cover plate that are available in multiple color selections and styles. Their spacing size has 50mm, 58mm, 70mm and 85mm, together with a variety of handle to complete the door handle’s design.

Our company stands for excellent interior door locks, the reason why we promote zinc alloy as the best material for your backplate door handles brand. Not just because of aesthetic-wise, but also due to the material’s durability, moldability, and beautiful.

Do you wish for a bulk order? Here in Mepull, we can surely meet your production requirements. If you are looking for something that is not listed above, please contact us immediately. We are more than willing to assist and collaborate with you.

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Full Solutions From Custom
Mepull Zinc Alloy Door Locks Manufacturer

Mepull is a custom zinc alloy plate with handle manufacturer offering dynamic selections of high quality door locks, which makes your business easier. We strive to meet customer demands, from standard door handle options to completely customized handles and locks.

Standard Door Handle Hole Spacing Size

We manufacture 50mm, 58mm, 70mm and 85mm zinc alloy door handle cover plate spacing size. It is also possible to request a custom order of interior door locks in the size of your choosing.

Custom Door Handles Shape

We manufacture convex door handles, door handle square, and arch door handle, modern long door handles, door handle round backplate, door handle rectangular plate, curved door handle, oval door handles, spindle door handle and more.

Door Handle Plate Color

Are you looking for stylish zamak plate door handle with fun colors or clear classic designs? We have the right solutions for either preference. Our design catalog includes black door handles,door handle with lock black square, front door handles antique brass and more.

Zinc Alloy Door Handle Finish Surface

Would you like a cool door handle cover plate design with decorative art or logo representation? We provide PVD, brushed, polished, electroplating, and spray-painting services in-house.

Lock Body and Cylinder Lock

The mortise lock body and door lock cylinder match our chrome door handles. The quality is highly reliable. The price is reasonable. We just think I can make some more good business with you guys! If you need to order them in large quantities and are looking for a distributor or manufacturer, contact us!!!

Supply Wholesale Zinc Alloy Door Handle With Plate

We are a professional supplier in the field of door handle and locks. We provide a wide range of zinc alloy door handle lock design, manufacturing, and professional service. We can produce any kind of door handle you want, not only the common type but also the unique one. In addition, we have our own factory. So we can provide very competitive prices to every customer.

We have an outstanding team to assist you with all aspects of your project. Our graphic designers can help you create the perfect design for your zinc alloy door handle products.

Thanks for your inquiry, we will send you the quotation as soon as possible, and please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

Best-in-Class Bulk Zinc Alloy Plate Door Handle Factory

The Mepull factory has set up a full-service shop where we handle all our production processes. This boosts our productivity and enables us to produce over 30,000 sets of door locks in a day.We have 10 production lines that are fully equipped to run independently and ensure our customers receive their products on time with no problems.

The zinc alloy backplate door handle is manufactured by us with the best quality raw material available. The raw material is bought from trusted suppliers. The doors handle is made by an experienced team of locksmiths, who have years of experience in manufacturing and designing different types of products. Our locks are made from a premium-grade zinc alloy that is tested to the highest industry standards to ensure optimum safety and performance.

Fulfill Made-to-Order Wholesale Zinc Alloy Door Handle With Strong Designs

Mepull specializes in producing various zinc alloy door locks. From simple to complicated, we can design and manufacture the different processes as per your demand. Mepull has been in this line for over 15 years and with our modern manufacturing facility, we can offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

We have been working hand in hand with our clients to manufacture customized zinc alloy door locks for residential and commercial purposes. Our team of experienced professionals has gained vast knowledge in this industry, which has enabled us to provide the most ideal door locks.

We offer zinc alloy door lock sets. Our range includes mortise door locks and rim door locks, cylinder locks, knob locks, and smart locks. We also supply locking systems for fire doors for both domestic and commercial use.

Why Choose Mepull Door Handle and Lock?

  • Door handle design from concept to commercialization
    Door handle design from concept to commercialization

Our designers know the importance of door handles and accessories — from a brand’s visual identity to its functionality, we’re here to make your product stand out. Our team works with you to create the perfect combination of design aesthetics and efficient working mechanisms. They’ll take your product from concept to completion with cutting-edge 3D modeling and visual branding that is sure to impress customers.

  • Turnkey decorating & packing
    Turnkey decorating & packing

We work with reliable, experienced suppliers to provide you with well-crafted packaging for your product. Well-designed and attractive packaging goes a long way in attracting new customers. The packaging does not just stop at using the right materials for shipping, Packaging also is easy to carry and store, and also maintains the quality of the product inside without causing damage.

  • Streamlined supply chain for door accessories
    Streamlined supply chain for door accessories

In order to provide our customers with a flawless product as quickly as possible, we created a production system designed for maximum efficiency. The lock body, cylinder lock and key are all fabricated on-site — avoiding delays caused by transportation errors or mismatched quantities. Also, by producing these parts within the company, we can reduce the manufacturing time and overall cost of the door handle by cutting down on product transportation time across multiple warehouses.

  • Warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions
    Warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions

As a professional door handle factory, we’re always paying attention to trends and new styles, as well as listening to the voice of our customers. We provide assistance in inventory management — our order system and delivery options ensure we can fulfill orders on time, while our internal inventory allows us to ensure we have enough stock of the most popular items. The minimum order requirement for products is 500 pcs, and products are delivered on time to ensure orders are fulfilled.

Door Handle and Locks Manufacturer and Wholesale Over 15 Years

Mepull is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality zinc alloy backplate door handles. Our products are made from premium Zamak with one-of-a-kind designs. We offer a selection of round door handles, square door handles, and many other door hardware items for your home or business needs.

We have a unique advantage in offering customers superior products at competitive prices. Since we have established long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers, we are able to provide you with the best products and services.

Bulk Door Handle and Locks Wholesale at Mepull

We offer a variety of zinc alloy door locks that are designed to meet the specific demands of different industries. Our state-of-the-art facility covers 200,000 square meters and is equipped with the most advanced production equipment. As we aim to help businesses grow in their respective industries, we are offering bulk zinc alloy door locks at reasonable prices. We are able to produce more than 30,000 set door locks each day without risking quality. We are determined to be the most trusted brand in this industry by delivering the best door lock products to our clients.Apart from guaranteed quality, here are the benefits when you order in bulk from us:

#1 Our Creative Design Team

We have a team of professionals to provide the best designs for your door lock and handles. With our expertise in the field, we will help you make the most out of your investment.

We’re flexible and our creative designs speak for themselves. We have an extensive range of products to choose from so it’s easy to find a product that suits your specific needs. Our product portfolio includes residential and commercial door handles, mortise lock bodies, door lock cylinders, rim locks, and fingerprint smart locks.

#2 After-sales Services

Our after-sales team ensures that you can wholesale your new door lock with ease, every single day. Our team is available for any questions you might have about your door lock. We offer an effective and efficient service, with our knowledgeable staff and competitive pricing.

#3 Boost Your Brand by Mepull

With our streamlined production and delivery processes, we’re dedicated to putting your brand front and center for as many people as possible. We have helped hundreds of companies grow their businesses — everything from large corporations to small startups relies on us!

#4 Price and Value

We’re committed to providing our customers with top-notch products that offer superior quality and value. When you work with us, we’ll deliver you access to the equipment, resources, and tools needed to manage your inventory efficiently and effectively — all while ensuring that quality is never sacrificed for quantity.

Your money should be well-spent on the products you purchase. But when looking at quantity over quality, an overwhelming number of goods end up untested, defective, or faulty. This kind of product in your hands can lead to countless frustrations, like having to contact customer service multiple times and being billed for expensive returns and materials.

We can teach you a lot of things, but none more important than how to properly identify the value of products. (price / value) Sometimes expensive items have an excellent quality-to-price ratio. Other times low prices reflect lower materials costs or shoddy craftsmanship.

It’s good that for most products, pricing directly correlates with quality. While it’s impossible to guarantee a quality product without testing the goods before sale, one thing you can do is monitor feedback during and after sales to get an idea of how satisfied customers are overall.

Custom Zinc Alloy Plate Door Handle Available

An effective way to get more customers is to use attractive door locks. At Mepull, we offer some of the most customizable door handles on the market, you can choose from an impressive 1068 different backplates, with two colors and a choice of finishes per color. We will discuss with you the best door lock design that will help enhance your brand’s image. As we strongly aim to help the businesses of our clients, you can request free samples so you can examine our products firsthand. We look forward to working with you soon!

●Boost Your Brand with Mepull Door Handle Design

Improving your customers’ experiences is about more than adding visual flair to your products; it’s about creating an experience that engages, captivates and endears. A powerful brand identity acts as a first impression for customers, increasing the likelihood of them coming back again and again.

Zinc alloy backplate door handles are a great way to boost brand awareness. Unlike unstylish stainless steel and brass varieties, these aesthetically pleasing door locks offer an eye-catching look that can make the difference between a swift sale and a lost one.

Adding a standout and eye-catching design to your brand will help you level up from being already successful. A door handle can be it, but don’t think that’s enough: we have the tools, capabilities, and experience to create custom backplates in any shape or size for your products — this includes creating a one-of-a-kind look for sleek hardware, textured surfaces, and more!

●We Offer Lock Body and Cylinder Lock for Zinc Alloy Plate Door Handle

Zinc alloy backplate door handles offer advantages to both manufacturers and customers. These are very durable, sturdy door handles with a classic appeal that will surely last for a long time. In fact, there is absolutely no reason why you should hesitate — especially because of their relatively low price point!

We’re able to offer a wide range of door handles, with everything from standard lock hardware options to more modern and up-to-date locking hardware improvements. Whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered with a selection of cylinders, lock bodies, and more.

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