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Mepull supplies wholesale door handles with locks in multiple designs. We manufacture mortise lock body and cylinder locks for the Bangal, the cylinder sizes length range from 45mm up to 120mm, which can be freely selected. which are widely applied in the field of bathroom door locks, bedroom door locks, front door locks, garage door locks, internal door locks, door locks for toilets and shed door locks. We guarantee you high quality products, competitive prices and first class service.

If you are looking for something that is not listed above, please contact us. We are more than willing to assist and collaborate with you throughout your project needs.

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Boost Your Business in Bengal With
Mepull Door Handles and Locks

The Mepull brand is known for its exclusive door handles, as well as a full range of customization services, which have developed a solid reputation in the market. Our team of experts will be happy to help you select from our wide range and customize your product according to your requirements.

Custom Door Handle Finish

You can order smooth and shiny finish door handle if you prefer a traditional lock design. Alternatively, you could opt for our brushed, frosted, or engraved finishes that offer a bolder look.

Lock Body and Cylinder Lock Size

We offer 50mm, 58mm, 70mm and 85mm door handles and lock body. Their standard spacing sizes are suited for any door lock replacement. The door lock cylinder could range from 45mm to 120mm in length.

Standard Door Handle Shape

Our shape options include the classic round and square-shaped door handles. If you would like more stylish shapes, consider ordering our half moon door handles, curved door handle, ball door handles, snake door handle or long bar handle front door designs.

Door Handle Color Options in Bengal

Our door handle polish electroplating allows you to showcase the rich colors of door locks. You can also order our black door handles, chrome door handles, antique brass door handles, gold door handles, silver door handles, brushed chrome door handles, black nickel door handles, brushed brass door handles and brushed steel door handles.

Different Types of Door Handles

We offer a variety of commercial door handles, composite door handles, modern door handles, retro door handles, flush door handle, euro lock door handles, traditional door handles, animal door handles, peacock door handle, fire door handle, diamond door handles and conservatory door handles to match different scene door types.

Supply Smart Door Handle and Locks to Bengal

We are wholesale smart door handle lock suppliers for top door lock brands in Bengal. Our custom designs of smart locks have enabled them to distinguish their products in the market and boost their brand performance. With sophisticated design and perfect functionality, we can offer our clients the best of smart home solutions at the right cost.

FingerPrint Smart Door Locks

Tuya Smart Home door lock with camera is the newest generation smart door lock, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with its waterproofing capability. The fingerprint sensor is built into the handle, and there are two sets of anti-theft bolts inside the lock.

Smart Rim Lock Door Knobs

The motor is really quiet, easy to install setup and works perfectly. I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for good quality and reasonably priced electric lock. This door lock can be applied to houses, offices, apartments, hotels, schools, etc.

Door Handle, Lock Body and Door Cylinder Locks Manufacturing

The Mepull factory is a 200,000 square foot modern facility that runs on automated machinery, ensuring that we get the dimensions of your lock body and cylinder lock just right. This means our customers get better quality products that give them secure access to their homes and offices.

When you partner with us, you never have to worry about delays in your supply chain. We have the capacity to manufacture 30,000 set door locks in a day. Our door locks are manufactured according to industry-specific norms and standards. Our production operations are monitored by professional quality management teams. Our quality assurance team checks every product before it leaves our premises.

Fulfill Made-to-Order Door Handles and Locks With Strong Designs

We have designed and developed a diverse collection of door handles, lock bodies, cylinder locks, rim locks and smart locks to meet your specific product or project requirements. With our rapid prototyping capabilities, we can create custom handles that not only look great but also perform well with features like smooth surfaces, high finish levels, and exact size specifications.

Door locks are available in custom sizes, materials and finish options. We are well-experienced in fulfilling custom orders of door locks. Our MOQ and bulk order prices are also set low to keep our custom products and services accessible.

Do you need a completely custom solution? We provide services and products designed specifically to meet your requirements. Our staff is well-trained in custom designs, and we provide quality products at an affordable cost.

Why Choose Mepull Door Handle and Lock?

  • Door handle design from concept to commercialization
    Door handle design from concept to commercialization

Our designers know the importance of door handles and accessories — from a brand’s visual identity to its functionality, we’re here to make your product stand out. Our team works with you to create the perfect combination of design aesthetics and efficient working mechanisms. They’ll take your product from concept to completion with cutting-edge 3D modeling and visual branding that is sure to impress customers.

  • Turnkey decorating & packing
    Turnkey decorating & packing

We work with reliable, experienced suppliers to provide you with well-crafted packaging for your product. Well-designed and attractive packaging goes a long way in attracting new customers. The packaging does not just stop at using the right materials for shipping, Packaging also is easy to carry and store, and also maintains the quality of the product inside without causing damage.

  • Streamlined supply chain for door accessories
    Streamlined supply chain for door accessories

In order to provide our customers with a flawless product as quickly as possible, we created a production system designed for maximum efficiency. The lock body, cylinder lock and key are all fabricated on-site — avoiding delays caused by transportation errors or mismatched quantities. Also, by producing these parts within the company, we can reduce the manufacturing time and overall cost of the door handle by cutting down on product transportation time across multiple warehouses.

  • Warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions
    Warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions

As a professional door handle factory, we’re always paying attention to trends and new styles, as well as listening to the voice of our customers. We provide assistance in inventory management — our order system and delivery options ensure we can fulfill orders on time, while our internal inventory allows us to ensure we have enough stock of the most popular items. The minimum order requirement for products is 500 pcs, and products are delivered on time to ensure orders are fulfilled.

Door Handle and Locks Manufacturer and wholesale to Bengal Over 15 Years

Mepull specializes in the production and supply of top-quality interior door furniture. As a professional manufacturer, we use high-quality raw materials to ensure that our products can meet various demands from customers. We not only provide you with exquisite styles but also help you save lots of time and money with fast delivery time. Our interior door handle comes in different designs, such as round door handles and square door handles.

We offer a wide selection of door locks for your business needs. Our customer service experts are always ready to answer all of your questions, so you can make the best decision.

Bengal Door Handle and Locks Wholesale at Mepull

We produce door handles, lock bodies, cylinder locks, rim locks, and smart lock in bulk for our diverse client base. These kinds of orders are essential to the core values that we hold — trustworthiness, transparency and a willingness to go above and beyond. With our “one-step” ordering technology and speedy delivery service, we’re able to provide personalized attention, fast turnaround and quality products at low prices.To add, these are the other benefits you will receive when you order from us:

#1 Design and Custom Services

When working with a brand like Mepull, business owners have the opportunity to select from a selection of pre-made designs and to make changes that align their business’s aesthetic identity with its values. The incredible customer service team at Mepull can also work with you to create your own original design, in color schemes that reflect your brand’s personality or the themes of your most popular products.

In order to provide customers with the best possible layout, brands can turn to a design team for multiple options. Working together, designers and clients can construct layouts that are custom fitted for the brand’s products or services — we’ll even provide you with free design support!

#2 We Offer Free Samples

As one of the leading door handles companies in the Bengal, Mepull offers free samples to people who want to try our products. By letting customers test out quality products firsthand, we give them a chance to put our locks to the test, and see that they’re made of high-quality material and are durable enough for their customer’s needs. Furthermore, we are giving people the opportunity to revolutionize their brands with original designs and innovative thinking.

#3 Top-quality Door Handle and Locks for Sale at the Right Prices

With the ability to create 30,000 set door locks in a day, we are able to offer our customers reduced prices on our products. With these low prices in place, you can be assured that we will help your business save money. With your savings in mind, we always want to help out our clients with their business and make sure they are getting the best deal possible.

Our factory is located in Wenzhou, China, and we have numerous resources at our disposal. Our staff is full of talented people who not only know how to make locks but also how to build a brand.

#4 Price and Value

We’re committed to providing our customers with top-notch products that offer superior quality and value. When you work with us, we’ll deliver you access to the equipment, resources, and tools needed to manage your inventory efficiently and effectively — all while ensuring that quality is never sacrificed for quantity.

Your money should be well-spent on the products you purchase. But when looking at quantity over quality, an overwhelming number of goods end up untested, defective, or faulty. This kind of product in your hands can lead to countless frustrations, like having to contact customer service multiple times and being billed for expensive returns and materials.

We can teach you a lot of things, but none more important than how to properly identify the value of products. (price / value) Sometimes expensive items have an excellent quality-to-price ratio. Other times low prices reflect lower materials costs or shoddy craftsmanship.

It’s good that for most products, pricing directly correlates with quality. While it’s impossible to guarantee a quality product without testing the goods before sale, one thing you can do is monitor feedback during and after sales to get an idea of how satisfied customers are overall.

Door Handle and Locks One Stop Solutions in Bengal

Our 1200+ customers have benefited greatly from Mepull’s quality door locks and handle systems. Our wide selection of options, competitive prices, and custom-made products makes us the top interior door lock manufacturer in the Bengal. And it doesn’t hurt that we come with the highest level of customer service, we’ll go out of our way to make sure you’re satisfied!

Mepull is known across the world as the go-to manufacturer of interior door locks. Our factory features a wide selection of handles and locks, but it’s our custom door lock business that really sets us apart. Mepull has been creating interior door locks for decades and we have the expertise to make custom doors that surpass your expectations. We can create solutions for every style: from simple, minimalist designs to more complicated setups involving privacy and keyless entry. Our locks will work with all types of doors (oak, steel, wood).

●Boost Your Brand with Mepull Door Handle Design

Mepull was designed from scratch to support the branding needs of its many commercial clients, we put in the hard work when it comes to designing our products, and it shows, unlike other brands, we offer a range of colors, finishes, sizes and styles for every product that we sell. with an eye-catching packaging design and a large product selection, Mepull provides brands with an end-to-end door lock solution.

●Regional Characteristics

We’ve been in business since 2007 and have serviced the markets of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. We’ve taken that experience and provided high-level service to clients within a variety of industries, from international corporations down to small businesses. What’s more, our high quality products can be customized to match your individual needs.

We have worked with many large and small clients from all over the world, from international conglomerates to local businesses. We are able to provide personalized solutions for each unique group of people — through local partnerships, we can make sure that our designs reflect regional characteristics and incorporate local design elements.

●We Offer Lock Body and Cylinder Lock for Bengal Market

Door locks are an important part of keeping your home safe from intruders. There are many different types and styles of door locks to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to fit your needs. Door handle locks come in a variety of designs, with options for different door types and styles. We are able to offer a wide range of wholesale door handles in our range, including traditional locks and more modern alternatives. We also provide a selection of cylinder locks and lock bodies, to give you the best possible choice in your purchase.

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