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China Invisible Hinge Supplier

As a leading door lock and hardware manufacturer for over 20 years, we have seen a surge in demand for invisible hinges to complement our products. To meet and exceed the needs of customers requesting these invisible hinges, we have expanded our operations to include a state-of-the-art invisible hinge production line.

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Full Solutions From Custom
Mepull Invisible Hinge Manufacturer

We concentrate our manufacturing efforts on two signature invisible hinge product lines optimized for functionality and durability: The HY and the MX Series.

Invisible Hinge Finish Surface

We provide brushed, polished, electroplating, and spray-painting services in-house.

Best Invisible Hinge Material

We craft our invisible hinges from high-grade brass and zinc alloy for superior durability and stability under frequent opening/closing.

Invisibe Hinge Color

By smartly selecting brass and zinc alloys, we can offer exceptionally functioning invisible hinges at mid-tier affordable price points.


Our invisible hinges feature patented designs focused on smooth motion and alignment using high grade steel construction for long-term durability.

Supply Wholesale Invisible Hinge

Our Deadbolt Lock is fully adjustable and personalized. Multiple designs are available, including a standard single-sided design as well as a luxe gold design that is sure to attract additional interest.

We have a wide selection of locks available, and we are able to provide custom orders as well. Our products are environmentally friendly, which makes them perfect for retail businesses. Our deadbolt locks come in a variety of colors and styles, so they can match any décor.

The Best Invisible Hinges: Adjustable & Soft-Close

We manufacture an extensive line of high quality invisible and concealed door hinges with multiple styles, adjustment options and soft-close capabilities for any door or cabinetry application.

With over 20 years of experience making the most invisible and seamless adjustable hinges, you can trust us to meet your kitchen, bathroom, or other interior door hardware needs! Customize our soft-close concealed door hinges for seamless aesthetics without slamming.

Custom Wholesale Invisible Door Hinges

Mortise-Free Installation
No need to chisel into door frames thanks to the adjustable nature of our patented hinge design for quicker, simpler DIY.

Smooth & Silent
Embedded soft-close technology ensures every door in your home closes slowly, quietly and controlled without annoying slamming.

Customized Strength
Reinforced steel construction withstands weight of heavy glass doors while keeping alignment calibrated. Sized for your exact door specifications.

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China's Leading Door Hardware Supplier Presents Invisible Hinges

Leveraging decades of hardware design expertise and state-of-the-art factories, we’ve developed 4 revolutionary invisible hinge systems for all application needs:

• Glass-GuardTM – Reinforced strength to withstand 300lb glass doors
• Smooth-CloseTM – Embedded hydraulic tech ensures gentle, quiet closing
• Quick-AdjustTM – Mortise-free with patented dial ensuring perfect door alignment
• Classic SteelTM – Robust steel construction in various finishes to match your décor

Our scales allow incredibly cost-effective pricing at the highest quality standards and fastest fulfillment times worldwide. We guarantee ddefect-free products and hassle-free customer service thanks to streamlined digitized processes.

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