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Mepull is an interior door handle and locks supplier with a wide selection at affordable prices. Find our full range of solutions to make your door handle an optimized reality.

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We are willing to make custom solutions for our customers and offer free samples of our products.

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Sourcing Door Locks from Mepull

For Brand Owners

We work with different customers to bring them the door locks they have always wanted. We can work with you to create your vision and bring it to life whether you want to design your own door locks or have us design something for you. We can help you bring your idea to life at the perfect price.

For Manufacturers & Suppliers

Our modern production plant guarantees a quality product that appeals to your customers. As a door lock manufacturer or supplier, Our streamlined processes are here to provide you with the best products in the market, if you're looking for top-quality options, we can help you develop.

For Wholesalers

We work with the best brands around the globe to provide our customers with the highest quality, cost-effective door locks that are manufactured rapidly. This allows us to do more for you and your customers, saving you time, saving your business money, and increasing your sales!

All-Around Door Handle and Locks Solution

We work hard to be the best Chinese door locks manufacturer by producing top-quality door handle and locks for a range of commercial applications. From design and development to manufacturing and finishing, we make sure every step of the process meets our strict quality standards.

Unique Door Handle. Powerful Door Lock.

Smart Door Locks>>
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Mepull door locks has its own smart lock design team, which is responsible for creating new smart locks. The design team also works closely with the sales team to find out what customers want.

Mepull Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

The interior and external door lock industry is changing at an incredible rate right now, with smart locks constantly adding features and improving technology. To remain relevant and successful, a furniture hardware wholesale must be willing to adapt and change.

Our fingerprint smart handle project makes smart locks no longer an expensive product, but a practical and necessary measure for every home.

Mepull Case Studies

Mepull case studies highlight how to improve your experience from product design to customer service that showcases our clients’ experiences.

Through analysis and research, we help them examine their challenges and determine the best solutions that will help improve their marketing appeal and efficiency.

Case Study:Aluminum door handle for Morocco Brand>>
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Morocco door lock brands were very careful at the lead time and quality the aluminum handle manufacturers they normally use required a several-month lead time, so they turned to us.
Case Study: Peacock on the door plate handle>>
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Communicate with the customer, The customer requests a unique door handle that has peacock shape print on it. the customer gives us a rough idea of the product, we help them streamline that idea using our team of designers and project managers.

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