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We Offer Internal Door Handle and Locks for Africa Market

Mepull is a premium door handles and locks brand that offers an incredible selection of styles at an affordable price. With over 1000 designs on offer, Mepull’s range is constantly growing to include new door handles, locks and accessories for every room in your home. From antique brass and satin brushed nickel finishes to contemporary keyless smart door locks, all have been designed by professional architects and expertly manufactured from superior materials.

At Mepull, “style is in the details” — our door handles and locks are affordably priced while displaying the sleek, premium design details that make your house a home. With an array of products to suit any decor, you can make your space as beautiful as it is functional, with finishes and colors to match every style. We do not just provide door locks but also provide confidence in owning high-quality merchandise.

Full Solutions From Mepull Door Handle Manufacturers

Africa Door Locks Size

Mepull offers home and hospitality door locks in various sizes - 50mm to 85mm handles and 45mm to 120mm cylinders. Custom options available.

Engage Your Guest

With thousands of door knobs, handles, locks, and smart locks in various materials, finishes and colors, we provide modern home security solutions.

Door Locks Solutions

Our expert team continuously expands our extensive portfolio to ensure customers find the perfect fit for every space and taste.

Custom Door Lock

Mepull creates customized door handle sets, mortise locks, in antique, modern, and commercial styles using quality materials.

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●High Quality Control Door Locks for Africa Market

Mepull’s manufacturing door locks facility is a strictly controlled environment. Our high levels of precision and quality control help maintain safety standards. This helps to ensure that our customers can feel confident in their purchase.

●Multiple Color Door Lock Chose from Mepull

Mepull offers a wide range of door knobs that pair well with any type of room design. Whether you want something classic or modern, we have the style for you. In addition to our interior door handle collection, Mepull also manufactures sensational door locks for optimal security and safety.

Any interior door handle can come in almost any color imaginable. Mepull’s collection of interior door handles is no different, and the factory offers customers a customizable option for adding specific colors to their orders. Because customers get to choose the exact shade that they want, it is easy for them to coordinate with existing home decor, or design a new look from scratch.

Mepull’s interior door handle collection is perfect for any scene looking to add a decorative touch to their interiors. The product comes with an elegant styling that can be easily integrated into any style, from antique to modern designs.

●Custom Your Africa Door Handle Locks Design

Mepull features talented designers who carefully design the company’s products. Products are made in-house and benefit from the latest machinery and advanced technologies, which assure customers that every design is perfected with great precision. Moreover, these practices have made Mepull’s design specialists masters of their spray painting, frosting, electroplating, oxidizing and more, the doors we offer can truly be customized in any way you want!

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