Sustainability Through the Years

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Helping to Shape Our Environment

Mepull by reducing energy consumption, lowering emissions, and promoting recycling, enterprises can work to support a greener environment. Moreover, by encouraging technological innovation in the energy industry and adopting sustainable practices within our firms, we can take the first step toward creating a better tomorrow.

Key Levers to Achieve Our Objectives

oxidized finish


Anodizing is a finishing process that converts the metal substrate into a durable, corrosion-resistant and decorative anodic oxide finish. Applying this finish to the substrate is similar to the process of highly controlled oxidation.

Anodizing is an environmentally friendly process as it uses an aluminum alloy, a versatile and durable metal. It does not use any RCRA heavy metals or VOCs and easily complies with European and American environmental regulations. The anodic oxide finish offers other benefits, too, such as reduced friction, increased lubrication and insulation.

PVD Surface Treatment

Though electroplating is popular, it is not considered a green process. Technological advances have created environmentally conscious alternatives to electroplating that achieve the same results. One of these processes is physical vapor deposition (PVD).

PVD is a powder coating that does not use hazardous materials or create harmful waste. Its clean application process meets environmental protection standards. It is applied by vaporizing a solid material in a vacuum, then deposited onto the substrate as a coating. PVD provides high performance and is incredibly durable with the capability to take on your desired characteristics, such as thickness.

mepull PAD finish

Extreme surface hardness
(> 1.800 HV)

Maximum resistance to corrosion and the aggressive action of atmospheric agents

Excellent resistance to scratches and abrasion, double that of traditional electro galvanic treatments

mepull friendly

Resistant to solvents, acids or alkalis or other aggressive domestic cleaning agents

Perfect reproduction and stability of colour and surfaces

Inalterability to UV rays

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Our emissions-reducing technology gets tax credits for cutting emissions and lowering pollution. At the same time, our customers can enjoy reduced prices on our products.

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