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Euro Cylinder Lock

Mepull’s cylinder locks are the perfect solution for anyone looking to protect their property. We offered in multiple sizes and surface finishes, these cylinder locks can be used for a variety of situations, from normal residential use to commercial spaces like stores or restaurants. Also, Our locks are made of high-quality material and use the latest technology, offering impressive durability. More so, each part of our lock cylinder has different materials to choose from, they may be aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, copper and iron, according to your market demand.

Mepull Cylinder Lock is designed from a mixture of high-quality materials, making it durable but also affordable and competitive. Moreover, we are constantly striving to innovate, meaning that if you need something not on the list, please get in touch to discuss your idea, we’ll provide a discrete service to ensure that your concept is developed into the perfect manufacturer cylinder lock.

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Full Solutions From Custom Cylinder Lock Manufacturers

We’ve been making cylinder locks since 2007. With a reputation built on our relentless pursuit of high quality, and nearly 15 years of experience we can guarantee that we can provide you with a higher level of service than any other cylinder lock manufacturer in the world. We also have well-established production methods, which enable us to meet your demands on time.

Cylinder Lock Size

Our cylinder locks are available in sizes ranging from 45mm to 120mm. Larger or smaller custom sizes are also available and they can be labeled in inches or millimeters.

Cylinder Lock Colors

The color of the lock cylinder can be customized based on the color of your door handle — gold, chrome, satin brass and coffee are just a few options available.

Cylinder Lock Material

Every detail about your product can be personalized. We provide Metals like aluminum, brass and zinc alloy to help enable a diverse array of custom options: from the material used for the sleeve, housing, plug, pin and c-clip.

Cylinder Lock Key

All our keys provide high security at extremely affordable prices. We have security wolf teeth keys and ordinary ul50 keys, Each key is well-made with fine craftsmanship and meets all global standards. Best of all, you choose the materials, we offer both iron and copper materials depending on your needs.

Cylinder Lock Thumb Turn

We have diversity in our selection and options for Thumb Turn dummy cylinder locks. They're among the most popular locks for apartment doors due to their reasonable price, size, and resistant material. You can choose from a wide array of colors and styles to match your décor or add variety to any space.

Supply Wholesale Euro Cylinder Locks For Door Locks

Our cylinder lock supplier offers an in-depth selection of cylinder locks from a range of materials and finishes. We feature all types: standard, blank, double-bitted, and superior among others. With our vast inventory about cylinder locks, we can service higher volume sales.

We are the best cylinder lock for door manufacturers and suppliers in China. Lock cylinders are available in a wide variety of designs, materials and options to help you make your locks look exactly how you want them to. There are cylinder lock models with original functions and brands with beautiful aesthetics. They can be installed on a broad range of applications.

We offer cylinder locks for all your commercial and residential projects.

Lock Cylinder Parts

Custom lock cylinders are the perfect choice when you need to add a certain flair of personality to your product.

Cylinder Lock Finishes

Cylinders come in various sizes and designs, so tell us what you want and we'll work our magic.

Your Best-In-Class Euro Cylinder Lock Factory

Mepull has been in the door locks manufacturing sector for a number of years and has adapted current cylinder lock manufacturing equipment and procedures to ensure that production is efficient and competitive.

We provide high-quality lock cylinders to assist you in making your brand the finest in the market. Our cylinder locks are meticulously researched and manufactured utilizing only the finest materials and the most advanced production methods. They are then subjected to rigorous quality assurance testing for physical flaws and undesirable substances to ensure that you receive the finest on every door lock accessory manufactured.

Fulfill Made-to-Order Wholesale Cylinder Lock

Mepull offers an extensive range of cylinder lock options for various applications and needs. we offer a wide selection that includes cylinder locks with special material combinations or colors, limited edition designs, and even custom engravings.

Feel free to present your sketches and ideas to us, We can help you with your cylinder lock design needs. Our team of designers and engineers will work closely with you to create a design that meets your needs.We guarantee you professional service delivery as well as brief turnaround times and a low MOQ of only 500 door cylinder locks.

Why Choose Mepull Lock Cylinder?

  • Door handle design from concept to commercialization
    Door handle design from concept to commercialization

Our designers know the importance of door handles and accessories — from a brand’s visual identity to its functionality, we’re here to make your product stand out. Our team works with you to create the perfect combination of design aesthetics and efficient working mechanisms. They’ll take your product from concept to completion with cutting-edge 3D modeling and visual branding that is sure to impress customers.

  • Turnkey decorating & packing
    Turnkey decorating & packing

We work with reliable, experienced suppliers to provide you with well-crafted packaging for your product. Well-designed and attractive packaging goes a long way in attracting new customers. The packaging does not just stop at using the right materials for shipping, Packaging also is easy to carry and store, and also maintains the quality of the product inside without causing damage.

  • Streamlined supply chain for door accessories
    Streamlined supply chain for door accessories

In order to provide our customers with a flawless product as quickly as possible, we created a production system designed for maximum efficiency. The lock body, cylinder lock and key are all fabricated on-site — avoiding delays caused by transportation errors or mismatched quantities. Also, by producing these parts within the company, we can reduce the manufacturing time and overall cost of the door handle by cutting down on product transportation time across multiple warehouses.

  • Warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions
    Warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions

As a professional door handle factory, we’re always paying attention to trends and new styles, as well as listening to the voice of our customers. We provide assistance in inventory management — our order system and delivery options ensure we can fulfill orders on time, while our internal inventory allows us to ensure we have enough stock of the most popular items. The minimum order requirement for products is 500 pcs, and products are delivered on time to ensure orders are fulfilled.

Door Cylinder Lock Suppliers in China

Mepull is one of the leading wholesale door lock cylinder manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our company specializes in manufacturing quality, durable, and affordable products that are both aesthetically pleasing and reliable.

We are confident that our wholesale cylinder lock will be the perfect addition to your business. In order to meet these needs, Our product is offered at an affordable price point and has an attractive design that will help your brand stand out from the competition. Reach out to us now so we can help you in designing your ideal door lock cylinder.

Manufacturing Wholesale Euro Door Lock Cylinders

In China, Mepull has a factory that covers 20,000 square meters and is equipped with modern equipment capable of producing more door locks in a shorter time.

We are a manufacturer of euro cylinder locks, which means that we can offer our customers the best prices in bulk. Buying in bulk not only saves you money but it also saves time and effort, Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and queries.

The benefits of ordering euro cylinder locks in wholesale from us are as follows:

#1 Attractive Prices for Our door cylinder locks

We offer our clients high-quality door lock cylinders for their door handle locks without exhausting their funds. We are dedicated to helping our clients grow their businesses by providing them with the best products at attractive prices.

#2 Comprehensive Quality Management

Quality control is a very sensitive and important part of the whole process of manufacturing. We use a lot of different materials to make our door locks and we have to check each product before it is delivered to the customer they also perform quality assurance tests on finished products throughout their lifecycle.

We offer our clients a wide range of euro cylinder locks and have an extensive manufacturing process. We offer them a variety of materials, including aluminum, zinc alloy, and brass. Through these processes, we ensure that our clients get the best-quality products at the most competitive prices.

#3 A Huge Collection of cylinder lock Designs

We have an array of designs for our cylinder lock. They come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. The cylinder lock is available in different materials and can be made either with aluminum, zinc alloy or brass. The most popular material for the cylinder lock is brass which comes in different colors such as gold, silver, copper and black. We can make the door locks exactly the way they are or we can customize them to meet your needs.

#4 Smooth and Timely Delivery

We understand that not all of our clients have space storage for their products. Mepull has a large warehouse that offers enough space for our clients’ wholesale door locks. This ensures that all products are stored safely before delivery. We also have our own distribution centers so we can deliver orders directly to make sure that you get your order at the expected date.

Custom Door Lock Cylinder

We offer different designs, sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. But if you can’t find what you need or you already have specific requirements, no need to worry! Our cylinder lock is a perfect solution for you. We accept custom orders for our cylinder lock for sale. Contact us, let us know what you need, and we’ll do our best to create the perfect product for you.

●Why Brass Is the Perfect Materials for Door Cylinder Lock

Most of the lock cores are made of hard metal. The locks used by people in daily life are all made of copper. Brass is not easy to rust, and copper and iron and other metals will not stick to each other. Brass is relatively hard and has good toughness and is not easy to break. This is why brass is chosen as the lock cylinder.

Another advantage of using brass wall lock core is that it is not easy to oxidize. Even if the lock with the brass lock core is hung in the open air and has been exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, although it is not easy to open, as long as a few drops of lubricating oil are activated, the function of the lock can be restored to its original state.

The lock core is drilled with several small holes on the circular lock core, and the same number of small holes with the same diameter are also drilled in the position of the lock body corresponding to the small holes in the lock core. Usually, we call the small holes on the lock body and the lock core pin holes. Then, the function of the marble is to jam the lock core, so that the lock core cannot be rotated casually, and this structural principle is easier to use the lock.

●Boost Your Brand with Mepull Cylinder Lock Quality

Mepull is a factory that specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of lock cylinders. Mepull has been around since 2007 and has been providing high-quality lock cylinders to customers all over the world. Their products are designed with quality in mind and are made to last. With mepull, we can create a better, more assured and longer lasting impression on your target market. We have been committed to providing customers with solutions that are both secure and aesthetically pleasing.

●We Offer Door Handle, Door Lock Body for Cylinder Lock

We have a wide range of cylinder lock and lock body to match the size of the door handle you are looking for. We also offer a variety of finishes, colors and styles to add more personality to your door handles.

Our custom door lock set is an affordable and customizable option to enhance the way your product is consumed.We offer different designs and types of door locks that can drastically enhance the way your product is consumed. We also provide customization options for your brand to match your company’s unique branding.

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