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Case Study: Peacock on the door plate handle

Mepull helps customer requests a unique door handle that has a peacock shape print on it.


Communicate with the customer. One of our most interesting projects involved a design for a unique door handle that was requested by a local customer. She wanted to have peacock printed along its surface in order to match her market customer’s bedroom décor.


The customer gives us a rough idea of the product, and we help them streamline that idea using our team of designers and project managers. The first was that they needed a customized look for their peacock door handle so that it would have more appeal at retail. Next had to be done with customized molding and aluminum materials during production.


By partnering with Mepull for a custom door handle, our customer was able to transform his design idea into a final, eye-catching door lock. After going through several concept phases, the customer settled on a sleek MAE finish door handle with a beautiful peacock logo painted into it. This would have more like a fire appeal at peacock while using MAE colors. The result was a cost-effective solution that exceeded both parties’ expectations.

How We Did It

Mepull is a provider of innovative door hardware products and solutions. We focus on the design, development, and support of stylish entry door handles, locksets, and accessories. Our brands provide quality residential and commercial grade door handles that are manufactured with advanced technologies. our incredibly talented team is committed to the success of their customers first. Mepull has independent research and development mold team experts in the field who have fully customized solutions for any door locking requirement.

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