Top 5 Interior Door Lock Manufacturer in Egypt

Egypt is a huge market for security door locks, with an interior demand of around 1.5 million units annually. However, it can be challenging to find the right lock manufacturer for your project; most firms don't specialize in door locks, which leads to issues during installation and after-service. Egypt's interior door locks market can benefit from top door handle products stocked by dependable suppliers. Egypt is home to many companies that produce quality, state-of-the-art door locks. But after a great deal of research, the following five brands have shown to be the most reliable.


Mepull is a factory that produces high-quality door handles, locks, and smart locks. It boasts over 550 staff members who work to manufacture the highest-quality products. Located in Zhejiang, it uses advanced automated die-casting processes to make the highest standard of affordable quality door handles and locks for homes in China and beyond.

Mepull line of door handles, mortise lock bodies, cylinder locks, rim locks, and smart locks is a global phenomenon whose popularity has made it a top seller in Africa and Egypt. As an affordable option for those who want to update their home while also avoiding the larger price tag associated with other’s furniture products, this line of home accessories has been immensely successful.

Therefore, they made a summary of the hot-selling styles in the Egyptian market.
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El Safwa Co. is an Egyptian Company with 30 years of experience in providing high quality corporate housing and serviced apartments. El Safwa Co. Offers a Comfortable Luxurious and economical alternative to all your accommodation needs. Our serviced comfortable apartments for rent in Maadi – Cairo and our luxurious Villas in Kattameya, are the most comfortable and affordable way to be away from home.

The company is operating in the field of construction, management and operation of housing projects for 30 years. Moreover, its experience in the field of leasing, management of housing, administrative, commercial units and maintenance work. We own and manage more than 40 units in Maadi Palace building one of the biggest buildings in Maadi.


Ahram Security Group is a leading manufacturing company in the field of security, locking systems and door accessories. Being a locally trusted market leader and a strong brand with expanding regional and global footprint, we are continually committed to making each and every one of our customers know, that through us, safety is found.

Our mission is to give you the power to protect what matters, as we believe that everyone and everything of value deserves to be kept secure, without compromise.

ASG offers a wide multi-tier portfolio for all security and installation requirements, customizable for any application or finish. With a rich history of 75 years of experience, ASG has been successfully securing millions of homes and businesses in Egypt and worldwide, with specific focus on residential, administrative and commercial sectors, touristic and educational entities, airports and high security establishments.

Oscar Industries, LLC.

Oscar Industries, LLC is a full-service metal fabrication company, specializing in sheet metal, skylights, and roofing accessories. We are a family-owned business with decades of experience in custom sheet metal fabrication, with expertise in customizing sheet metal for roofing projects. Oscar Industries is a sister business to a commercial/industrial roofing company that has been in business for over 40 years, allowing us to truly understand the metal fabrication needs of our customers, and providing them with an excellent product. We serve the areas of Greater Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Akron, as well as many areas domestically and internationally.

It is our mission to provide customers with the products and knowledge needed to fulfill their needs at the right price. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help inspire, educate and problem-solve for our customers. With our experience and ability to customize any product, Oscar Industries is the perfect choice for your sheet metal fabrication needs.


Sicuro is one of the leading companies in the Middle East and North Africa in door locks, accessories and security solutions with 75 years of experience and technical expertise, Sicuro offers door handles with the finest quality with using a cutting edge production technologies and robotic finish lines to sustain a 100% consistency of product quality

Sicuro has cooperated with one of the Italian leading door handles manufacturers, which has supervised the whole project from scratch and acted as Sicuro’s mentor to make sure that every step of the manufacturing matches the global quality standards. The cooperation included the know-how of door handles making, product design, production processes, equipment selection, equipment installation, quality measurements, and technical support.


When you need locks for your home or your business, lock manufacturers are the best place to start. Regardless of what type of door you have and how much it costs, these manufacturers can produce high-quality products at affordable prices. When working with an established company, your brand will also be more appealing to potential shoppers by offering a tailored product for their purchase.

We cannot do without door locks. Before opening a business, make sure to visit these manufacturers personally and ask for custom products.

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