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Mepull Long Handle Quality Internal Door Handle Factory Latest in China 85431-970


·The Mepull internal door handle factory is a high-quality, affordable lock that is perfect for your home or office.
·It is easy to install and comes with a variety of features that make it a great choice for your security needs.

Please note that we have a MOQ for our handles. For the door handle in stock, the MOQ is 100 pcs. 
For customized handles, please see the MOQ as followed:
●Each Color/Size of 500 Pairs

Mepull assists you throughout the project: Size and Finish. Contact us or mark your requirements on enquiry quote.

Order single or thousands of items at a time. Our warehouse and flexible shipping are available for last-minute, tight-deadline orders.

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●Free Returns

*Customization is always available, please mark down your need in cart or just contact us.

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Mepull has been in the business of making an internal door handle factory for many years. Their products are known for their durability and elegant design. They offer a wide variety of door handles, from traditional to modern styles. Their products are available in a variety of finishes, so you can find the perfect one to match your home’s decor. Mepull’s door locks are some of the best on the market, and they’re perfect for keeping your home safe and secure.


Brand MePull
Product Name Mepull Long Handle Quality Internal Door Handle Factory Latest in China 85431-970
Size 85mm
Color Customize
Material Aluminum
Applicable Door Thickness 35-60mm
Shape Unique
Supply Ability 200000Pair/Month
Package Carton Pack

Mepull Aluminum Plate Door Handle For Scenes

We offer quality Aluminum Plate door handle that can be used in the Scenes for:
●For rejuvenating home- By using the aluminum plate door handle for your home decor, you can fill your home with the rejuvenating aromas you need to stay calm and collected throughout the day.

●For office purposes- office/studio door knobs have multiple uses. Apart from their functionality as a simple means of opening and closing, they can be used as door handles or even as part of a room decor or home décor. 

●For screen- The door handle is installed on the screen, and it’s easy to turn on or off.With just a simple press up or down, you can easily unlock your screen door

●For door lock replacement- Say goodbye to your old doorknob! With the installation of a new lock, you can give your home a brand new look. The latest in modern security technology means that you can get the combination lock that compliments your existing keys and the way you use them. It’s a quick, easy way to update an old door.

Completely change your style and makeover your space with mepull aluminum door handle!

Ordering 20/40FT Container?

Mepull aluminum plate door handles are available at affordable wholesale prices when you buy in bulk. The MOQ for in-stock designs is only 1,00 pieces while that of custom designs ranges between 500 pairs.

Ordering our custom plate door handle allows you to select your preferred size, color other design features. Our team has the expertise to deliver exactly what you need.

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Best-in-Class Aluminum Door Plate Handle Manufacturer

Mepull aluminum door handle offers customers a delightful space. They make it easy to open any door and create an inviting atmosphere. The smooth, seamless design offers versatility that is sure to complement any décor, whether installed inside or outside the home.

We are able to create custom door handles for each order, but we also have multiple styles of designs in stock. We also have stock thousands of pieces, however, but you never need to worry about whether or not your door handle will fit into your specs. Just share with us a sketch or design requirements for your plate door handle and leave the rest to us. We use well-researched processes throughout the manufacturing of door handles and deliver quality products.

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